Customer Service & F.A.Q
How do I remove my vehicle after the sale?
When you list your vehicle, you will receive a confirmation email or order # from us informing you that your listing was posted with instructions to remove after sale.  Just send this original email back to remove. You may also use the button below to delete your ad or make changes to you ad. 
How do I change the price or telephone # in my listing if I needed?
Send back your confirmation email with the new price or info and we will change it TWICE at no additional cost. Although the listings run until you sell, After 2 changes, you will have to re-list your vehicle and pay for a new ad. Any errors we make are always corrected free. You can also use the "make changes" button above.
I posted my listing but I cannot find it.
1. Please "refresh" your browser to see the latest updated page for your particular brand.
2. If we do not have enough listings of you vehicle brand, example: Ferrari, it may have been listed under the Special or collector section.
3. Make sure you did not send your listing typed in ALL CAPS.  Our ROBOT simply deletes these listings and all your vehicle information including payment.  You credit card will not be charged.
4. Still can't find it? Email Us
When does my listing expire?
Currently, listings have No Expiration!  We want to create the best value anywhere for you.  We do not believe you should have to pay a fortune, like the big newspapers charge to sell your stuff. If we find in the future, people are abusing this by not removing their vehicles after sale, we will immediately change this policy. We reserve the right to change or alter it at anytime.
I do not see many pictures..
You will only see pictures if people choose to send them in with their listings. Vehicles with pictures probably sell faster.
Billing questions
Your credit card statement will show "CTSecurepay.com" when you list your vehicle. The only way to list a vehicle is through our secure server.  We do not list vehicles over the telephone at this time. This keeps Our prices low. Send all billing email questions Here
Mailing Information
Mailing Address:
CTSecurepay P.O. Box 330642 West Hartford, Connecticut 06133 203 983 0551